RD-8191 TFD Device Flat Shaft 5 Nm
  • RD-8191 TFD Device Flat Shaft 5 Nm

    RD-8191 TFD Device Flat Shaft 5 Nm

    Price: $600.00

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    Product Information:

    The adoption of smaller steering wheels has increased as many Industrial and Off-Highway Equipment OEMs consider more innovative and flexible steering interfaces. To meet the various needs of these applications, LORD has developed a standard product line of 5Nm devices which include the following features:

    • 2-Channel Dual-Redundant, Non-Contact, Hall Effect Steering Sensor
    • Sensor output (three options)
      • - Standard digital (PWM) multi-rotational code
      • - Analog code suitable for controllers with limited digital I/O
      • - Analog multi-rotational code with no discontinuities in the signal
    • Shaft connection (two options)
      • - Flat
      • - Crossed Drilled
    • Deutsch DTM04-6P connector
    • 20 AWG wire
    • 200mm cable length
    • 10 Ohm coil


    Data Sheet:

    Data Sheet RD-8191 Data Sheet RD-8191 (916 KB)

    Technical Drawing:

    Technical Drawing:

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